We are fortunate to have Bob Behnke join us for the second time in St. Louis.  His past presentations at the Boston segmenting symposium and at the AAW national symposium were extremely informative and well received.  The vast majority of segmenters use Titebond glue in our every day work but you really understand its properties, or the benefits of the various glues Titebond makes?  There is probably no person better to answer all your questions than Bob.   This is truly a unique opportunity since Bob is Franklin is International’s Technical Service Manager for the Construction Division, handling all  technical aspects of the Titebond branded product line of wood glues, construction adhesives, wood flooring adhesives, and sealants. Bob manages a group tasked with handling all calls to the company’s 800 number, along with technicians tasked with testing competitive products and new substrates. Bob has worked for more than 30 years in the adhesives and sealants industry with experience in the development of emulsion polymers, scale up from bench to production of a range of adhesive technologies, and development of breathable technology for organic and inorganic fabrics.

Bob’s Presentation is titled Glue Technology.  His presentation will cover the 5 steps for successful wood gluing.  From dry assembly to waiting for the glue to dry.  Wood glues can affect the wood as it is being assembled and being prepared in advance will eliminate costly joint failures and frustrating disassembly.  Discussion will focus on the steps needed to use wood glues with ease, what to watch out for when the glue hits the wood and why failures occur.  We will also cover some frequently asked questions and why there are so many different wood glues.  Bring your gluing questions as this is a discussion not just a presentation.


March 2018
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