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We are very fortunate to have Curt Theobald attending the St. Louis Symposium as a featured demonstrator in October.   Curt has had a lifelong interest in wood and made the plunge as a full time studio artist in 2002.  Since that time Curt has been making a significant impact on the segmented woodturning community.  This belief in exploring good form, precision assembly processes, and proper grain alignment has influenced the current generation of segmenters and has helped to raise the quality of this art form.  In recent years Curt has been exploring more sculptural work and pushing the limits with unique assembly processes.  Curt will be presenting 5 different rotation topics and many of them will be new at our symposium.  Each will expand your knowledge of good design and get you thinking outside the box.

Curt’s Artist Statement provides some insight into his inspiration:

My current body of work utilizes the passion for assembly I learned at an early age. The technical challenges I create for myself in working from vision to object provide great satisfaction. My goal is to speak to the viewer of my work through the intricacies of the wood grain. The emotion the wood can convey through the use of the grain of the material as it works in harmony with the shape of the forms is compelling. It invites the viewer along on a journey – a journey of a deeper, more contemplative experience.

A few photos of Curt’s work is shown below:

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  1. Russ Braun says:

    I’ve never had the pleasure of hearing Curt talk about segmenting or woodturning in general. I have heard other members talk about where their woodturning journey has gone after learning with Curt. It doesn’t take long when reviewing his portfolio of work to realize what an amazing talent we have joining the Symposium Demonstrator list this year in St Louis. This should be an eye opening, can’t miss event! I sure am looking forward to this demonstrator!!

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