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Join Us:
To join the Segmented Woodturners Club, you must first register for our Forum.

Please Note:
In creating your membership, please use your FULL NAME (first name and last name) as your User Name.
This will allow the members to get to know the real you instead of a cryptic ID
We reserve the right to delete memberships without your real name.

And now to get started, to register for our Forum, Click Here.

Once you have registered, you must pay the club’s dues to access all of our forum, gallery and project pages.
To do that, log into the forum. At that time, the top menu in the forum has a button called, Pay Club Dues.
Members who make their payment after Jan 1st will be extended until June 30 of the following year.
When you press this button a new screen comes up and it has two options: Join Segmented Woodturners and Previous Members – 1 Year Renewal.

Select the Join Segmented Woodturners option by pushing the button next to it that says $25.00 USD Purchase. This will take you to PayPal where you can pay using a credit card or your PayPal account.

Once you have paid, go back to the Forum. Log out and then log back in and you should now have full membership access.


Renew Your Membership:
All existing memberships expire on June 30, unless you joined the club after January 1, where your membership will automatically be extended for an additional year.

The annual Membership fee is US $25.00.

You can determine your member status by looking at any post that you have made in the forum. Right below your name shows your member type. The member type has the word, member, and then they year in which you expire. All club dues expire on June 30th of the year show.

You can renew your membership anytime after January 1st of the year that your membership expires. To renew, log into the forum first. In the top menu, click the tab labeled:
Renew Membership.

When the Join or Renew Membership page appears, click the Purchase button alongside the Previous Members – 1 year renewal item to access our payment system.

Our dues processing is handled by PayPal and you can pay with your credit card or with a PayPal account.