New Website begins our 2018 Mission


Hi Segmenters!  Our new website was just released and I hope you all like what you see.  The goals of our organization’s Board are ambitious for 2018.  We are striving to make the Segmented Woodturners which is an online chapter of the AAW, the premier international organization advancing both the art and craft of segmented woodturing for all interested parties from those just getting started thru studio artists.  The first step in achieving  this objective is providing a 1st class website, forum ,  gallery and social media presence where we can all share our knowledge, find answers to questions, communicate, and archive what we know.

Watch for more enhancements in the coming months.  This is just the beginning.  Following my President’s messages is a good place to start.   I promise to keep you informed as more changes become imminent.  Comments and suggestions from both members and visitors are always welcome.  We can’t achieve our goals without your help.

I want to give special thanks to fellow board members Lloyd Johnson and Bob Beaupre who spent countless hours working on the design and implementation of these new webpages and blogs.

Al Miotke

President, Segmented Woodturners

4 Responses to “New Website begins our 2018 Mission”

  1. Russ Braun says:

    Welcome as the new President of the Segmented Woodturners Al! There is excitement in the air around our Organization and it goes beyond our upcoming Symposium in St Louis. The direction the Club is moving in is exactly where our members want it to be; “the go to place” for Segmented Woodturning. I’m looking forward to this coming year with a new fervor!

  2. Michael Page says:

    I am really happy to see that a segmented group of turners has been embraced by the AAW. I quit the AAW several years ago when it became apparent that the main focus of the AAW was on “artsy fartsy” stuff that was made in a “studio” that may or may not have included a lathe as part of their equipment.

    As soon as your webmaster figures out why I’m having a problem joining I will look forward to being a member of a group that actually uses a lathe.

    • Al Miotke says:

      Hi Michael,
      I’m glad that you like what we see. I think you will enjoy being a member of our group.

      We’ll need a little more information about the type of problem you are having. Are you aware that joining is a two step process? First, You, need to register for the Forum. The second step is to join the club by paying your annual dues. Since I don’t see your name on the list of registered members, that may be the issue. Did you have problems with the registration process ? You can register by following the instructions when you click on Join Segmented Woodturners. if you tried all that and are having an issue, email our Forum moderator, Bob at He can help get you in.

  3. Jerry Maske says:

    My wife and I are considering making the three day drive to the symposium. My question; I’m not sure about our membership status. She’s a better wood turner than I’ll ever be and needs full access to the entire show. So I’m trying to figure out how to register both of us. Probably an easy way to do this but you should already know I’m not the brightest bulb in the pack, so help me out.

    I “Think” both of us are members in good standing. If we are not, I’ll deal with that. So, tell me what I need to know to get both of us registered and I’ll make my final decisions.


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