Robert Beaupre - Vice President

    Robert Beaupre – Vice President

      I started as an Industrial Arts Teacher in the early ‘70’s. But strayed into manufacturing and ended up retiring as a Pressure Vessel Design Engineer.  Always involved in woodworking, I was making furniture for the home and small project after getting married in 1975.  I expanded my indulgence after retirement and now turn wood for enjoyment.  That is when I am not exploring the country side on my motorcycle with my wife.

      I was just really getting involved in segmenting about 6-8 months before the Symposium that was held in Boston in 2016 and was really beginning to enjoy it.  Turning my first few segmented pieces only months before the symposium, I was over the moon with the opportunity that was before me.  Then at the Symposium I fell in love with open segmenting, and all was lost.  I had found what really turned me on.

      After the Symposium I’ve been obsessed with open segment turning, and have invested a lot of time and effort in fixtures.  With several projects under my belt I am continuing to increasing the complexity and segment count of my pieces.