Jerry Bennett Biography

Jerry Bennett presented 2016

Jerry has been an artist for most of his life and an avid woodturner since 2001. Heavily influenced by glass artists, he brings a fluidity to wood that is possible only by segmenting and subsequent turning on the lathe. His work is always unique, creative, and whimsical in nature.

In addition to creating incredible artwork, Jerry developed a software program that allowed segmenters to more quickly and accurately layout a design.  He then developed the innovative wedgie sled that has grown in popularity over the years because of its ability to cut segments quickly and more accurately than other approaches.  He has freely shared this design with anyone interested, which has resulted in the vast majority of segmenters using this jig. He then developed  Wedgies and Wedgie plates to further simplify the process.

Thanks to Jerry’s energy, innovation, and sharing nature, he has simplified the process for creating segmented designs.