Tom Lohman

I live in Duluth Minnesota with my wife of 37 years, where I recently retired from a career as an Electrical Engineer in the Power industry.   Then we also have a 34-year-old son who is a senior scientist for a pharmaceutical testing firm. I have been woodworking for more than half of my life then discovered segmented woodturning in 2010 and became hooked after reading Malcolm Tibbetts book.  Since getting involved in segmenting I have been pushing the boundaries of Bowl-from-a-Board techniques, then both open and closed segmenting with my complex patterns.

When I am not in my home shop, you might see me cruising on his Gold Wing Motorcycle or lifting weights.  I used to hold the Minnesota bench press record at 440 lbs. and was in the top 20 lifters in the USA.

I built a detached garage and took 12’ by 24’ for my shop, it is too small now to do furniture.



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  1. Paul Bell says:

    Very nice shop. You don’t have to have a huge shop to do quality work.I like your work .

  2. Tim Mehling says:

    Is there a specific book you would recommend to learn how to configure feature rings for segmented turnings. I would like to learn the process without using a computer program.

    Your shop is huge as I work in a small space at the back of my garage. Requires some planning, but gives me much pleasure. Thank you in advance for any suggestions and your willingness to share your knowledge.

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