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Welcome to the website of the Segmented Woodturners, a chapter of the American Association of Woodturners that was formed in 2009. Our on-line chapter is dedicated to segmenting education and the sharing of information between its 500 members. We are always striving to remain the premier international organization advancing both the art and craft of segmented woodturning for all skill levels from beginner to studio artist and we have a good mix of experience levels. Our mission is to provide a 1st class website, a forum for asking questions and sharing information, and a gallery of members artwork with an archive of 1000’s of pieces and growing to inspire you. You can learn more about what the chapter has to offer by visiting the “About” page at the top of the screen. I hope you will take advantage of our free 3 day trial so you can see our content. If you like what you see, please join our community. Everyone is welcome.
Al Miotke
President, Segmented Woodturners

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We are always trying to find that right tool, a piece of wood or that video to help us out. This is the page to find that stuff.

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Photo of the Week


By Paul Paul D May
Cerejeira, Walnut, Maple, Ebony, Canarywood, Leopardwood. 7.5" diameter, 4.5" H
Steve said "That's a great looking bowl Paul. I love the feature ring and form."

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Meet the Member

Dennis Richardson
Pacific Palisades, California

My father was a carpenter, but he kiddingly (must repeat kiddingly) said if I ever wanted to picked up a hammer & saw for a career, he would cut my fingers off. He enjoyed having me in his shop, where I developed a fondness for the feel, smell and grains of various wood species and his collection of tools. I was to go to college however, something my dad was not able to do in the 1930s in Montana. I finished college at USC and retired 4 years ago after a 39-year career as a Commercial Real Estate Broker, 32 of which were with Cushman & Wakefield in West Los Angeles....

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