Symposium 2021

7th Segmenting Symposium

September 2021 is canceled

A new date will be announced as soon as finalized

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We are always trying to find that right tool, a piece of wood or that video to help us out. This is the page to find that stuff.

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Photo of the Week

Open segment bowl about 300mm by 120 mm high of over 2000 pieces of holly, wenge, red heart, and yellow heart. This is a Tom Lohman design
Created by: Malcolm Douglas

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Meet the Members

Doug Drury
Calgary, Alberta Canada
Joined Aug. 2017

My first woodworking project was a pair of speaker boxes shortly after I graduated from high school. I dabbled a bit for the next 6 years until I was married and owned by my first house. Then renovation after renovation followed for 20 years and numerous houses, mostly structural and installation work.

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