Symposium 2022

7th Segmenting Symposium

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September 22, 2022 - September 25, 2022

Crowne Plaza Chicago-Northbrook
Northbrook, Illinois

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We are always trying to find that right tool, a piece of wood or that video to help us out. This is the page to find that stuff.

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Photo of the Week

Mcghee Vase

By Russ-Braun 15000 plus pieces of Maple, Wenge, Bloodwood and Purpleheart. Another basket "look" glue up; this was my toughest pattern to date as following this plan yielded zero feel/ rhythm for the pattern! I had many oops on this pattern, more than I have had in a long time! The piece will be given to some special friends who assisted us with my Sister's Bon Voyage party this past summer. They are great people and need to be thanked properly; hopefully this will do the job. I started July 4th weekend and finished it two weeks ago. Since I retired, I glued anywhere from 400-600 segments daily...I think that is my limit. The goal was to finish it for the Chicago Symposium. It was built in two sections, dimensions are 12" tall and 13" wide, 3/16 thick. I tried a light wood on the outside of a dark wood as a detail on this pattern....not sure about that decision. I think when the wood darkens, it will look better (fingers crossed)! Come to the Symposium and see it in the IG!! Thanks as usual to Tom Lohman and Lloyd Johnson for their fabulous innovations that allow this kins of glue up to happen.

Prior Photos of the Week

Meet the Symposium Demonstrator

Tom Lohman
Duluth, Minnesota

A long-time member of the chapter. Tom is constantly innovating and sharing his techniques this other members. Toms work advancing bowl-from-a-board designs, high segment count designs using a horizontal jig, and his innovative work incorporating CNC and lasers will be the focus of his rotations at the symposium.

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