Website Policies

Segmented Woodturners Website Policies

The Segmented woodturners want to encourage open discussion on woodturning topics  but there are a few policies that all members are asked to follow

  1. We are all part of this organization to learn from each other so constructive comments are always encouraged but trash talk or unkind comments are not allowed
  2. All comments must be focused on the art of the piece or construction techniques. Political or religious posts are not allowed unless they are made to explain the meaning or purpose of the artwork.
  3. Abusive or foul language is never permitted. The posts will be removed. The board can vote to remove privileges.
  4. Members selling personal equipment is allowed and encouraged but using the site to promote a business is not allowed. All members selling should be in the “Classified” forum topic.
  5. It is the intention of the Segmented Woodturners (SWT) to follow the policy of our parent organization, the American Association of Woodturners (AAW), regarding the process known as Fractal Burning. This technique is prohibited from being used in any SWT sponsored activities, including the national symposium.  Further, the process shall not be featured in any written or online SWT sponsored publication including the SWT online gallery and forum, except for postings that warn against its use. 
  6. The webmaster will not edit your photos or posts unless it violates one of the rules above. In these cases, the post can be removed at the discretion of the board.