New Website begins our 2018 Mission

  Hi Segmenters!  Our new website was just released and I hope you all like what you see.  The goals of our organization’s Board are ambitious for 2018.  We are striving to make the Segmented Woodturners which is an online chapter of the AAW, the premier international organization advancing both the art and craft of […]

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My Version of an Open Segment Jig

I was just really getting involved in segmenting about 6-8 months before the Symposium that was held in Boston in 2016.  I was really getting to enjoy it.  But, then at the Symposium I fell in love with open segment, and all was lost. I had built myself a  small Driskell style fixture with index […]

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SketchUp for Woodturners

At the 2018 Segmenting Symposium, I am going to do two rotations on SketchUp. The first is going to be for absolute beginners where I will work with the attendees to understand the user interface and how to use the seven tools that you will use for 90% of the work you do in SketchUp. […]

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Multi Generation Laminations

I’m sure you already know what Multi-Generation Lamination is, but for those that don’t, it means creating a board from longs strips of wood, cross-cutting that board at an angle into identical strips and gluing those strips together while flipping every other strip left-to-right, top-to-bottom or both. Rinse and repeat for multi generation designs. In […]

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