Pete Marken

Pete is well known for his precision designs and flawless finishes.  These areas of expertise will be the focus of his demonstrations in St. Louis.  Pete will show attendees his precision jig for ring centering and alignment.  In another rotation, Pete will share the multistep process he uses for accomplishing the high quality finish he […]

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Tom Lohman

Tom Lives in Duluth Minnesota with his wife of 37 years, where he recently retired from a career as an Electrical Engineer in the Power industry.   The Lohman’s also have a 34 year old son who is a senior scientist for a pharmaceutical testing firm.  Tom has been woodworking for more than half of his […]

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SketchUp for Woodturners

At the 2018 Segmenting Symposium, I am going to do two rotations on SketchUp. The first is going to be for absolute beginners where I will work with the attendees to understand the user interface and how to use the seven tools that you will use for 90% of the work you do in SketchUp. […]

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Multi Generation Laminations

I’m sure you already know what Multi-Generation Lamination is, but for those that don’t, it means creating a board from longs strips of wood, cross-cutting that board at an angle into identical strips and gluing those strips together while flipping every other strip left-to-right, top-to-bottom or both. Rinse and repeat for multi generation designs. In […]

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May 2024