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If you have been involved in segmented Turning for any length of time you are familiar with the name Malcolm Tibbetts.  Malcolm’s book The Art of Segmented Turning  and his many instructional DVD’s have taught and inspired most segmenters for the past 15 years.   Anyone involved in segmenting continues to be inspired by the complex and mystifying sculptural pieces that Malcolm continues to create.

We are all lucky that Malcolm and two other well known segmenters, Bill Smith and Curt Theobald had the vision to hold the first Segmenting symposium 10 years ago at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking outside of Indianapolis.  At that memorable symposium, the 100+ attendees voted for the creation of the Segmented Woodturners chapter of the AAW.  The following year our chapter was formed and Malcolm was elected as our first President, a position that he held for 4 years.  We are now planning our 6th symposium and Malcolm has been a featured demonstrator at each one sharing his unique skills and vision of segmenting.

Malcolm’s background is introduced on his website as shown below.

I assembled my first two pieces of wood together as a youngster in my granddad’s workshop. He certainly passed on his love for working with wood and it has always been a serious hobby. In the mid 90’s, after building many furniture pieces and after acquiring a shop full of tools, my woodworking journey took me to the wonderful world of segmented woodturning – a truly unique art form.

I have a wonderful marriage, two terrific grown children, and three grandchildren.  I had a successful past career in the ski industry, and now plenty of personal time to pursue my woodturning passion. For many years (before becoming a fulltime turner), I was represented by the Stones Gallery in downtown San Francisco. Currently, I sell most of my work directly to the public.

My turnings have won many awards and prestigious collectors have acquired many of my pieces. In 2002, I was approached by Linden Publishing company to reveal some of my techniques in the form of a “how to” book on the subject

Malcolm’s book, The Art of Segmented Woodturning, and DVD’s are available from his website.

In St. Louis, Malcolm will give demonstrations on two forms that he invented and have been recreated by many, Ribbons and Tubes and Tangles.  He will also hold a rotation on Lamination trickery which is ideal for those who are newer to segmenting and want to experiment with some fascinating lamination techniques.  Malcolm will also participate on the Panel discussion titled Wood selection and their characteristics which is a topic that is poorly understood by many of us but of critical importance for anyone involved in segmenting.


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  1. Russ Braun says:

    Not only is Malcolm world renowned as a Segmenter, his demonstrations are some of the most informative I’ve ever attended; I never miss them. You will leave them with an itch to get to your lathe as soon as you get home. You should never pass on an opportunity to rub shoulders with this cutting edge artist; “when opportunity knocks, answer the door”!!

  2. Tom Tedesco says:

    Malcolm always has new suggestions on segmenting and relays his thoughts in a manner you can relate too. I have seen Malcolm in Tahoe and at my club in Denver, looking forward to attending another great demo.

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