Ron Sieloff

    Ron Sieloff

    • Treasurer
    • 7th
    • Dec 2025

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    Ron first fell in love with the wood lathe in High School and has always come back to it throughout his life. Years ago he purchased an old WWII Craftsman wood lathe and made a great deal of artistic pieces with it despite bad bearings and “standard issue” tools.

    Later, he progressed to better lathes, chucks, and high-speed steel tools; but the fun never ceased because there is always something more for a woodturner to learn, additional skills to master, and opportunities to pass on the skills you have acquired. That challenge and freshness is what drew him to and keeps him engaged in segmented turnings.

    Ron’s service to the Segmented Woodturners Chapter of the AAW is rooted in his strong belief that this chapter is the ultimate forum to grow the art form. If you have any ideas about how to improve the chapter and/or the website, please let Ron or any of the other board members know. They actively solicit and encourage your feedback and helpful suggestions aimed at making the Segmented Woodturners Chapter even better.

    Ron is also Treasurer and WebMaster of the Northcoast Woodturners Chapter of AAW ( and President and Web Master for the NEO Model A Club (