Wayne Miller

I am an electronic engineer by education. I spent my early work life building and launching rocket payloads as a civilian contractor for the US Air force. I spent 25 years as a technical sales manager for a variety of companies mostly in the high tech and semiconductor areas. A major part of my responsibility was introducing new technologies to engineers and senior management of computer related companies. This was accomplished by both small group presentations and large seminars. I finished my career as a business consultant. I trained managers in the ways of maintaining client relationships and the use of software to accomplish this. I have spent many years as a volunteer in nonprofit organizations. I specialize in training adults in leadership techniques, training methods, and presentation skills.

I have continued training in my turning life. I regularly do demonstrations at my local chapter as well as other local chapters. I was selected to demonstrate at the AAW Symposium in 2018 and I have now again been selected to demonstrate in 2022. I will be doing 4 rotations highlighting segmenting. I will also be demonstrating at our Symposium in Chicago in September.

Since retiring 15 years ago I have transitioned my woodworking hobby from furniture making to specializing in turning. I am hooked on segmenting largely because I do not like to embellish wood. I am attracted to the beauty of the color and grain as it appears naturally. Segmenting allows me to leave the wood in its natural state and still create designs by using different species and a variety of forms.

I have served as the Treasurer of my local AAW chapter, and I am presently serving as its Equipment Manager. I am the immediate Past President of our 600-member virtual Segmenting Chapter of the AAW. I have served as a moderator of our Forum, and I regularly contribute to the Forum. I have organized the Chapter Holiday Exchange for many years. My part of the planning committee for the Segmenting Symposium in 2022 involved soliciting the vendors for our Trade Show and Raffle and as a demonstrator.

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