Gary Sandler

I grew up in the LA area but relocated to the Sierra Nevada foothills outside Sacramento 30 years ago. I always disassembled (read “broke”) things as a kid. I was a born tinkerer. I got a Computer Science degree in college and did software systems for 40+ years in aerospace, financial services, and medical systems. […]

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Al Miotke

I have been playing in sawdust as long as I can remember.  My dad had a basement shop when I was a toddler before he started his own custom cabinet business which was located next to our home in Wisconsin.  As such, I was always in his company shop and had weekly chores to help […]

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John Chatelain

I retired and sold my Optometry practice in 2016. This gave me more time to stay in the shop. I honestly do not know how I had time to get any woodworking done while I was working. I never have enough time now. After retiring and moving to central Texas from Houston, I had an […]

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Scott Gordon

The first time I used the lathe was in 7th (or 8th) grade. I still have that piece. It took me probably a month to make a lamp that was shaped like a chess pawn – laminated but not segmented. I think about that now and realize the whole thing, not including the glue up […]

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Art Bodwell

I think I was born to build things. Growing up in the 40’s and 50’s my early toys of choice were Lincoln logs, erector sets, tinker toys and anything I could build with. My dad was a construction electrician and I worked with him several summers to earn money for college and find my way […]

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Gary Weichert

I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, but left the metropolis behind in 1972 for small town life in Roseburg, Oregon. Fate led me to Reno in 1979, where I’ve resided ever since. My wife of 30-years and I enjoy all things related to mountain living at our home […]

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Russ Braun

I am a retired General Contractor, many years of building Commercial projects throughout the USA. It was an exciting career with many daily challenges to solve. I started out being a self-taught finish carpenter who picked up a circular saw and practiced cutting straight lines. From there, I learned every chance I could from the […]

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Wayne Miller

I am an electronic engineer by education. I spent my early work life building and launching rocket payloads as a civilian contractor for the US Air force. I spent 25 years as a technical sales manager for a variety of companies mostly in the high tech and semiconductor areas. A major part of my responsibility […]

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Mark Inmon

I grew up in north Mississippi. As a young man starting out, I found work in the furniture industry building sofas and recliners. I later gravitated toward working with computers and learned CAD to design furniture parts. I discovered I had a passion for computers and computer programming. I relocated to the Kansas City area […]

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June 2024