Mark Inmon

I grew up in north Mississippi. As a young man starting out, I found work in the furniture industry building sofas and recliners. I later gravitated toward working with computers and learned CAD to design furniture parts. I discovered I had a passion for computers and computer programming. I relocated to the Kansas City area to work as a civilian programmer for the military. I am now a SR. Database Administrator for a large Kansas City firm. About six years ago, I joined the Kansas City Woodworkers Guild to pursue my hobby interest in woodworking. The Guild has really like two clubs in one building with both the woodworkers and the woodturners sharing a space. One day at the club, I was invited back to the wood turners shop to try to turn my first goblet and the rest of the story is history. I don’t do flat work anymore and started focusing on turning. Some of the first items I learned to turn were pens. I was proud to make pens for our entire police department and their staff in my town to thank them for all they do. I have tried my hand at candlesticks, vases, bowls and lidded boxes. Recently, I have ventured into learning the process of making segmented pieces. It is a work in progress but I am greatly enjoying the journey.

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May 2024