Bob Speier

I’ve been a member of Segmented Woodturners since the beginning after attending the first Symposium at Mark Adams.  I started turning in 2000 and did flat work building clocks as well.  I was in such a quandary for a while, if I was building clocks I wasn’t turning and visa versa.  I didn’t want to give up flat working because I want to continue to use all my machinery.  The Symposium at Mark Adams answered all my problems.  Other then the segmented Symposiums and classes with Curt Theobald and friends like Robin Costelle and Keith Petersen I’m self-taught pretty much.  I’ve always said that doing segmented work as apposed regular turning indicates we have “gone to the dark side“.

I live in Olathe KS, a suburb of KC.  Married to the best of the best Sandi.  Sandi turns as well and does quite a good job.  She’s the only wife I know that sits at the table with a cocktail and reads tools catalogs, lol.  I was in the Hospitality and Restaurant business until I retired.  Consequently, I’m a very good cook.

We are current members of the Kansas City Woodturners.  Both of us were President of the Memphis Chapter, at different time, lol.  Sandi also sat on the AAW Board for 6 years.

If I can be of any assistance anytime, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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  1. Russ Braun says:

    Nice shop Bob; amazingly organized and clean! Is this the upside of having your better half turning wood along side you? I’m curious about your vacuum chuck; where did this come from please? Nice introduction and get some dust and debris in that shop!

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