Gary Bidgood


Born and live in Queensland Australia and proud of it.

The last 17 years of my working life was a sub-contractor working as a workplace trainer/Assessor in the fields of IT and Business.

Retired 2.5 years ago but still do two days work a week providing technical advice for a company called Carbatec which is a woodworking machinery sales company.

Commenced woodturning in the mid 90’s.

Became a member of the Queensland Woodturners Society in 2009

My journey into segmented woodturning probably started around 2008, Three people who impacted my journey into segmented turning are Bill Kandler, Curt Theobald and Malcolm Tibbits. I’m still using Bill’s software for my segmented designs and cutting sheets. Must also give credit to S Garry Roberts, after reading his articles on Mashrabiya, I became hooked and had to give it a go

Just started experimenting with the use of a small CNC and Laser attachment in combination with my turnings, the clock face in one of the photos I made available is an example of using this equipment. The map of Australia is a Vcarve inlay and the animals/birds were burnt using the laser.


My shed is small, only room for 1 person (4.2M x 3M)


.Cheers Gary

5 Responses to “Gary Bidgood”

  1. Gordon Dalby says:

    Beautiful workmanship. Impressive clean neat shop. Truely a man cave:). Ought to keep the supervisors away very effectively. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Steve Bonny says:

    Nice shop Gary, you’ve crammed a lot into a small place!

  3. Bob Speier says:

    Compact but efficient ? All your pieces are top notch Gary. Thanks for sharing your story

  4. Russ Braun says:

    Nice job Gary! “There’s a place for everything” is soooo true and shown well in your shop! Nice job on your presentation and your collection of work!

  5. mike Goldfine says:

    Beautiful work Gary and a nicely organized shop. I often complain that my shop is too small, but it is pretty large (228 sg.ft.) compared to yours. I know it is hard to keep a smaller shop clean and organized and you have done an admirable job of that.

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