John Heyd

I started woodworking in High School where I turned my first bowl in shop class.  I have always had an interest in working with wood.   During my working life, I didn’t have much time to pursue my hobby but on occasion, I was able to do some home remodeling which kept my skills honed in using shop tools.   Since then, I retired from the Insurance Industry where I worked first as a Safety Engineer in Fire Prevention, then as an Underwriter/Account Manager.  Upon retirement, looking for something to pass the time, I returned to my passion for working with wood.   I purchased my first major shop tool, a Shopsmith multitool which provided me with a host of variables with which to pursue my interest.   The most useful variable was the ability to turn wood on the lathe.   I became interested in Segmented woodturning more as a means to conserve wood.   Instead of “hogging out” the center of a bowl as wasted wood chips, I learned to build bowls as a layered process by building up the outside walls, in the form of rings,  leaving the center of the bowl open, thus saving all of the wood I would have wasted in hollowing out the center.  I credit Malcolm Tibbetts Book and DVDs for teaching me the fundamentals of this craft.  The added advantage to Segmenting allows the creative ability to build decorative designs into the bowls or vessels which allows one to create beautiful designs while allowing for one’s creativity.    I reside in Brentwood, California with my wife where I also belong to the Delta Art Gallery and often show my work there. 

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June 2024