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I am a 73 year old mechanical and HVAC engineer as education. Worked at a big pulp and paper industry as a project manager and energy saving specialist. Got enough of the job and got an early retirement at 55 years age. That was one of best decisions in my life.

We live in south-east Finland in a small town Lappeenranta by the biggest lake Saimaa. We have a son and daughter and they both have 2 teenagers.

In summers we live most of our time on our sailing boat, meet good friends on the islands. Our grand children are also some weeks with us, but it seems that they are already more interested in their hobbies.

I have been woodworking all my age. I found somewhere on the internet Kevin Neeley, and found his site fascinating. I have had some nice emails with this gentleman and was hooked on segmenting, he has many good articles on his site.  Built my first table saw sled and started experimenting. Then found Malcolm Tibbetts and Curt Theobald, I bought their books and all the videos, then Ray Allen’s book. And finally the site of Segmented Woodturners. I lift my hat to all who have made this available!

I have made many segmented turnings over years. And also posted something to SWT gallery.

I have also built a home made Rose Engine lathe and have played with it many years.

This winter I have concentrated to build my very small hobby room tidy and get all my stuff a place to store. Made many vertical drawers as upper cabinets. I am a great fan of John Heisz at and follow this master and youtuber every morning. I have also sent some of my doings to his Forum.

I love designing and building my own tools and machines.

Attached are some photos of my hobby room.


Pekka is also a contributor to our Segment Projects: Members can find it listed:  Making a sailboat pattern on a bowl


Pekka is also a contribute to More Woodturning Magazine


5 Responses to “Pekka Svinhufvud”

  1. Jim McConnachie says:

    Thanks Pekka, very nice to know more about you.

  2. Pekka Svinhufvud says:

    Thanks Robert and Jim of your kind words!

  3. mike Goldfine says:

    I’m very impressed with the quality of your work Pekka and also the ingenuity shown in your shop made tools.

  4. Robert says:

    Pekka a pleasure to see your bio and work. I am attempting to create a boat bowl. Would you share an autocad of the sketch so I may refuse the size.

  5. Umar says:

    Hello Pekka. Hope you are doing well. I have seen your homemade table saw at I am planning to build my own table saw. Can please share the model of your table saw with the upgraded lift system. It will be great help. Thanks

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