Scott Gordon

The first time I used the lathe was in 7th (or 8th) grade. I still have that piece. It took me probably a month to make a lamp that was shaped like a chess pawn – laminated but not segmented. I think about that now and realize the whole thing, not including the glue up would take a couple of hours!

Unfortunately, I didn’t stick with woodturning until I got back to it seriously about 6 years ago. Like so many of us, I chose a career to pay the bills more so than one that would be complete enjoyment. I retired from the many years of IT work in January 2022.

Before Covid, I was VP of Central Ohio Woodturners and became the president. Unfortunately, due to illness of the VP, I was essentially forced to take on the presidency for an additional year – a total of 3, 2 of which were during Covid.

While I’ve done a variety of woodturning techniques, I am truly getting to the point where I’m focusing on segmented work. Now I have to get rid of the logs I’ve accumulated in my garage – I guess I’ll get those turned in between the segmented work.

2022 was my first year of joining the Segmented Woodturners Chapter as well as attending the symposium. I look forward to many more years of membership and participation.

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  1. Russ Braun says:

    Nicely done Scott!!

  2. Michael Joseph Bradford says:

    Hi Scott – I just joined as well. Similar story for myself. I still have my 9th Grade Turning.
    I am a member many years of A.R.T – American Revolutionary Turners. North of Boston.
    Cool – how did you get the names, dates in Bowl …like windows? Looks great!
    Mike B.

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